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At Last!
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Now that is what I call a Birthday present, a BARTH! Happy trails!

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Former owner 1989 Barth Regal 25'

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Happy Birthday Lou! What a present!

Bill & Sherrie
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Happy B-Day LOU !!! What a way to celebrate....

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Hi folks...

Thanks for the nice comments.

We're home! Pulled in around 6pm. All is well.

Some lessons:
#1: Don't let your right foot wander too far from the brake pedal while on cruise. Two separate gentlemen tried to take my front bumper off (sound familiar, Nick?). Both were doing something with their cell phones. The first one just plain cut us off and thankfully I was able to hit the brake before he hit me; the 2nd saw his exit and went for it....problem was he was on my left in the passing lane and the exit, of course, was on our right.

#2: Next time have breakfast first....

Barb had thought I had knocked a fence over late last night. Daylight showed it wasn't me, and that this fence was providing a different use all along.

This man is on a mission. God Bless him. It's as important as mine or anyone else's.

Hmmmm. You s'pose Barb would understand if I joined...Uhhh..better not push my luck.

It's hard to describe the importance of the support members give each other. For many of us that support underpins everything we do in feeling good about owning a Barth or two, no matter what the size or shape. Such support certainly was on my mind and Barb's over the entire trip just completed. Our appreciation will last for a long, long time.

Thanks, guys and gals,

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Happy Birthday Lou! Have some Hudsonville Ice Cream. cheers


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Congratulations Lou & Barb on arriving in one piece. When is your next trip & since you sold your house where will you be living. Wish you could have stopped in to see us. Next time.

Note to all: Remember to throw away the gloves you handle the sewage hoses with. They carry mucho germos & will transfer to what ever container you might keep them in if you've been reusing. Go buy a box of latex gloves & dispose outside coach after each use. This should go without saying but wash your hands really well.

Reminds me of the time we bought a Monaco Dynasty from Lazy Daze in Tampa, FL. We took coach straight to campground & arrived late. I kept smelling this awful smell & realized @ bedtime I was smelling the previous owners full black water tank. LD forgot to empty prev owners tanks. I wasn't about to sleep with that disgusting smell so I went outside & of course we didn't have a long enough hose & we couldn't back the coach up further because of a fence in the way. It was midnight & the store wasn't open & we didn't have a toad. I chose to take a 5 gal garbage can & empty that tank, 5 gal at a time. I can;t remember how big the bl water tank was but I know I filled the trashcan at least 30 times. Makes me gag just retelling the story. I finished & took a very hot shower & went to bed.


Jim and TereJim and Tere

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What a B-Day!! Congrats! Enjoy! Have fun!

Repeat over and over, we are lucky bunch.

I'm going to see that Grand Canyon......and I'm going to do it in style!
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Go buy a box of latex gloves & dispose outside coach after each use.

I get mine at the Big Boys Toy Store, commonly known as Harbor Freight. The only problem can be heat, so if the coach is going to be out in the sun for extended storage periods, take that little box inside and don't forget it when you hit the road again. Practice makes as close to perfect as you can get when it comes to something like dumping waste, so it only gets easier. Good valves and seals are a must. The little flap on the receiving inlet is for your foot to open it Red Face. Sorry, couldn't resist. Enjoy the new coach and join us at a GTG soon.

79 Barth Classic
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For a little more money, you buy much much more durable stretchy nitrile gloves. They are not only tougher, but withstand bad chemicals better, like acetone, etc. and, being tougher, they are moderately reusable if you choose.


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glad you went to nick for your first lesson on the coach his has been thru a lot of upgrades. HE will keep you busy congrats on your new coach

lenny and judy
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Happy Birthday Lou and congrats on that great looking Barth...many happy trails!!!

1986 Barth Regal SE
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