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Barth 20?

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04-11-2016, 04:28 PM
Barth 20?
Good day all! I just joined today. I just happened across this machine, and am trying to buy it. I was wondering if anyone had much info on it. I found paperwork inside that indicates it as a '75 Model, on a P30 chassis with a small block GM engine. It says 20 by the door. Does that indicate it is a 20'? Is there a model/series that this is from? The inside is pretty rough....70s vintage and requiring work. What would the approximate value on this be?

04-11-2016, 04:29 PM
Another Picture

04-11-2016, 04:30 PM
Last picture.

04-11-2016, 06:55 PM
Steve VW
It looks good for its age. There should be a data plate, usually near the driver area. this will tell all about the size, model, etc.

Value is a very slippery fish…
Depend on running condition, maintainence, total miles, tires, etc

Search this site for more info! good luck!

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04-11-2016, 08:55 PM
So will any Barth be shiny like this if you remove the paint and polish it? hmm

Intersmashable, any interior photos?

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04-11-2016, 11:32 PM
I believe so. Apparently someone spent big $$ to have what was done so far on it done.

I didn't take any inside pictures...honestly, I'm not sure if I should even say this on this group....might be sacrilegious....but I'm looking at it to gut and market as a food truck. Nothing is in good shape inside, and I hadn't even heard of a Barth until I stumbled onto its shiny exterior.
04-12-2016, 01:02 AM
Nice!! I have a 74 20ft and want to polish it up like that. I also thought about a food truck too, perfect layout for it. Barth RVs are cool.
04-12-2016, 10:56 AM
Steve VW
Once the original interior is trashed, there is no reason not to build whatever you need. Better a running, useable food truck than rotting in a lot somewhere.

Any aluminum barth can be polished. LOTS of work and subsequent touch up required, ask any shiny airplane guy.

Lee has a coach that is fully polished, really pretty. He has posted some of the work here on the site.

One caveat: dents look worse when polished… if the coach has dents or scrapes they will look really obvious when shiny.

Good luck with the project. Keep us posted! mechanic

"98" Monarch 37
Spartan MM, 6 spd Allison
Cummins 8.3 300 hp
04-12-2016, 11:52 AM
Dick Dubbs
value? whatever a potental buyer is willing to pay.

Polish job .. priceless!

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