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My 89 22 Foot Regal
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6 New Michelins yesterday, and my wheel liners, hub caps shined up pretty good. I've been prepping it for new paint soon.It will be factory colors.

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just curious

i have a similar Barth 1990 same colors
how do you like your new tires , i have new tires made in Vietnam . they seam fine bit but some say the more expensive tires are better . comment?

what do you guess or know the paint job will cost .
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Good tires are an essential safety item. If you are in the USA go to an establ;ished reputable tire dealer and tell them the application. Here I use either Les Shwab or my local commercial vehicle tire dealer, as really we are driving a truck, not a car or van.

I would not use cheap foreign tires EVER as you do not want to experience a blow-out at speed, nor a sudden lack of grip because of poorly designed tread patters, materials or sidewalls.

I like Toyo, Michelin, the Les Shwab ow brand (Coopers) and similar.

As for paint job, it depends on the complexity. there are a lot of colours on mine, and its a skilled job as there's a great deal of sealing... several thousand is my bet. I have often considered getting a quote for 'wrapping'...
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Please shrink your pictures to 1024 x 768 or smaller.
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Lots of opinion on tires for motorhomes, personally, try to find a less expensive tire usually Asian, they all have to meet load carrying standards. The tread might not last as long as an expensive tire, but when was the last time anyone wore the tread off, mostly all coach tires expire from age.

Take exception for (Ed) Mwrench he does a lot of miles.

BTW Jeff you have the same paint job and colors as my 25 Ft Regal, the clear coat is peeling a few spots on it. Curious how much your paint job costs?/

25 Ft Glassnose, 2792, 1982
454 Engine
Plain Jane Interior
Original Paint
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