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1964 Barth 19' Trailer

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10-30-2015, 10:21 PM
Matthew & Sandi
1964 Barth 19' Trailer
The interior on ours is also a complete mess. We'll gut it and start from scratch.

Originally posted by Mary Ray:
Would like to see interior pics. Mine was a mess when I got it, had been a hotel for mice. No structural damage just really dirty and smelly.

10-30-2015, 10:22 PM
Matthew & Sandi
View of back.

10-31-2015, 04:43 PM
Mary Ray
Mine was in about the same shape but had no water damage so I just kept cleaning with a white vinegar solution to get rid of the odor. Next came 3 coats of paint and in some places 4 coats. Mine had been previously painted white so I stuck with white and red is my accent color, I have a different floor plan, my kitchen is in front then twin beds with bath room across the back. My desk computer is down and I am posting from a tablet so will post pictures later.


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