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The re-birth of Barth
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I doubt any Barth was certified for roll over but some years ago, 2003?, a couple posted a pic of their coach on the shoulder after being involved in a highway speed crash concluding in rollover. I can't find the post, it may have been lost in the transition to this site. I do remember the couple were able to stand at the side of the coach for a picture to share with us. It is doubtable the damage was repaired.

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Tom's Monarch is aluminum.. (for the record)with fiberglass front pretty much the same as the Ronnebaum coach, or mine for that matter.

The unit that is listed as all fibrglass may well be a prototype or some experiment, but there could only be a few. If the quality did fall after Gunner's (or my old 97) than it wouldn't have been for many units since 98 was it, right? My personal belief is they kept the material quality to the end, but labor quality could have fallen as the workforce realized the end was near.

I must agree, looks like that one in the photo's was most likely one of a few. I think at the tail end they simply worked out a deal with another local motorhome manufacturer and put the Barth tag on it relying on the name for the sale. Probably sold a few at that.
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There is an all fibrglass 98 28' chevy chassie puller from Mo. in Barth for sale. A friend of mine was checking on this one. Owner had it stored in a limestone cave. 54 deg. green energy climate control.

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