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MCC: Jabsco Air Horns + Alignment specs
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QUOTE: Not sure if mine are Jabsco, so this may not help, but I experienced a similar problem. I removed the back plate and cleaned out the air tubes which were blocked by spider and mud dauber nests. After being sure that I was now getting air into the horn, I removed the diaphragm and coated it with Vaseline, positioned it properly, then reassembled the back plate and - it worked!

read this:

MCC Alignment specs:

----Do not jack the coach to perform alignment!!!

>>>>>>There are five adjustments--

1. Prop shaft should be level.
Adjust the torsion bars to level front to rear.

2. Then adjust the torsion bars to level the coach front to rear.
Use the bumper ends to measure and adjust.
Obviously these two are related.

3. Camber on front wheels with full load and proper inflation for the exact weight of the axles.
Obviously you have to weigh the coach before aligning.
Adjust to -1 degree +or- .5 degrees.

4. Castor +2.5 degrees

5. Toe in is the same for the front and rear: 1/16" in on each wheel with a total of 1/8" in for both wheels.
For the rear wheels measure using a bar from the frame to the outside of the outer tandem wheel and adjust 1/16" in.
First of course both rear wheels have to be the same distance from the frame.
Adjust with the rear cam bolts located behind the wheels between the frame and the axles.


The 82 MCC {by Barth}
is not an rv--
it is a Motor Coach!!

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