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1998 Barth specs/manuals needed
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I received a donation of a 1998 Barth so that my agency can turn it into a mobile health clinic. It needs to be licensed by the New York State Department of Health before we can use it as a clinic, and I need to submit specs to the state - does anyone have any idea how I can get my hands on specifications for the vehicle?

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You have a white elephant among white elephants. Barth coaches are rare to begin with and the custom medical units were often individually unique. 1998 was the last year Barth coaches were produced.

To my knowledge there were no standard manuals, even for the complete coaches Barth sold. Some fortunate original coach owners received construction prints for wiring, plumbing, etc but they are usually unique to a given coach. Perhaps we could find what you need if we could get these documents from a helpful owner.

There is much variation among even the complete coaches, even more within the "commercial" units. Many were delivered from the factory as incomplete shells, to be equipped by the purchaser for their particular needs. Whoever completed these units would be the only place to get specific info. We see variation in roof lines, number and placement of doors, multiple generator versions, etc.

For load, tire, and mechanical specs you may be able to contact the chassis mfr. Barth coaches were built on GM chassis, John Deere chassis, Spartan and Gillig as well.

As for the Health Dept, I have no idea what they need for approval for this function. If they have specific stated requirements we may be able to find what is acceptable and what else needs to be changed.

Perhaps you can contact the previous owner to obtain more info?

Good luck, let us know how this goes. Any info you get we would gladly welcome in our site archives!

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A start will be the data tag - usually on the bulkhead behind the driver's seat. There should be a second builder's tag, frequently on the door to the generator compartment.

From these, we can give you basic information. As Steve mentioned, a '98 Barth is VERY rare (with only a handful made), and it could be anything.


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received a donation of a 1998 Barth

Is it a medical clinic now? Data tag is behind the driver seat on the wall in many cases. If you send can email of a legible picture of the data tag to:

Please put "test" in the subject without the quotes and use only lower case. Add nothing to the mail body.

One of our members will tell you what you have.

Thank you and WELCOME to our community.
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