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83 barth regency
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i'm still looking for any info on the 83 regency as ours came with absolutly nothing and i just remembered that someone bought a brochure off of ebay a few months back for one. i didn't bid because i thought it might be someone from this site. "IF" it was i would be willing to pay for a copy. or any thing else you might have specific to the 83 regency.


mike foster
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Say, Mike... have you tried The Barth Rangers? Lee sent me the actual file on my specific unit... from the Barth archives. Build sheet, ordering info, dealer communications, etc. I learned a lot, for sure.
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Hi duteman, my name is joe, I just bough a 1983 28ft barth and am putting it back together. by the way I am from derby Ct org. now live in Florida. I like to get the 83 manual too were can I find one.
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Welcome to the Forums!

The '83 Regency is a 35' diesel pusher; yours is about of the age Barth started naming models, in which case it would be a Regal.

I suggest starting your own thread for requesting documentation. There are members near you with similar Barths.


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Joe, welcome to You have come to the right place! Thumbs Up

Sadly, Lee Merriman and Barth Rangers had a falling out. Apparently he is no longer willing to share the documents he has.

I would love to have information on my coach also. Meanwhile, I have documented as much as I can as I work on it, to share with the site.

Check the site archives, especially the Tech Talk and Barth Upgrade forums. There are many discussions that may apply to your Regal. mechanic

If you can, find your Data tag. (Often on the wall near the driver) It will list the VIN #, and the Barth build numbers. (Also tire and load data) Send us a photo of the data tag if possible, it will help identify your coach and give us a record. (There is a Data tag forum here also.)

There are many talented and knowledgeable people here. Ask questions and we will try to help. Good luck with your coach Thumbs Up

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I have I think all the paperwork to the 83 barth/mcc regency Motor coach, 35 f.
My question if you have same year as mine, does yours have an L shaped bench seat as you enter coach, its on the left side between side entry door and frigerator, do you have any idea
what is all hooked up under that bench seat?
There's over 10 wires hooked to nothing under the bench seat and they are not hooked to anything, just a wire cap screw on type on each individual wire, there are screw holes on side wall of same area and wanted to know if you might know where this is and possibly where the safe and alarm system is wired in and located?
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