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Windshield Seals
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We have a 1976 Barth Classic 24 foot and it has had serious water leakage at some point in its life. The windshield (2 piece) has glass from Pilkington on the drivers side and Guardian glass on the passenger side. Has anyone had any luck sourcing new seals for windshields of this vintage?
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I'm guessing that the lack of response indicates that no one knows the answer. I did a Search on 'windshield' and found this series of posts:
which may be entertaining if not informative. Maybe posting a photo of your windscreen might prompt some replies? (there has been a problem with PhotoBucket so I'd just try a direct upload - but make sure you resize your photo to something quite small first)
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I have a '77 24 footer.
It has been a few years but I got one they made custom with the divider vulcanized in.
Sorry I don't remember who I ordered it from. Maybe Coachglass in Elkhart , In. They may have had Steele rubber Co. make it. It was $450 yikes
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I replaced mine (73' small windshield) with seals from McMaster Carr. I had to cut them to fit and sealed the joint with a 3M windshield adhesive. They were a bit smaller in cross section and took a bit of manipulating, but I was able to get them in place and have no leaks, knock on wood.
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Flathead, thanks! This is in my 73’s future. You saved me a lot of research!

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Invest in a couple of hand-held suction cups. I believe the ones we have here at the shop came from Harbor Freight. They're about 3" diameter with a lever to apply the suction and release.
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Good ideas. You did a nice job on your window. Gives the other small windshield owners a choice.

Still smile every time I see your logo. How is Noah (I think?) doing? ROTFLMAO

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