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Spartan MM 8.3L Cummins (No start using the key)
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I am trying to find the VIM for my 1994 Fleetwood American Eagle DP. I have a no start issue and when I manually (via solenoids) start the motor I can not get any display on my trans display. it seems power is not making it from the ignition to the interface module. any help?
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I am not sure if you have a no-crank or no-start when cranking issue...

The early Spartan drivelines with non ISC engines often have two power panels, one in front and one in the rear. Both panels have sections which are always hot and a master relay to energize the running circuits. The key switch powers both relays to power up the running circuits, including power to the hold coil on the engine fuel control solenoid.

The starting current from the key switch is fed to a hidden solenoid relay tucked in the rear right side frame near the right rear wheel. That solenoid relay powers the main starter solenoid mounted on top of the starter. There is also a wire to power the "pick" coil on the fuel control solenoid. Between the key switch and the frame relay there is evidently a neutral safely switch controlled by the Allison control module. My Allison system is set up so it will only start in Neutral.

Here is a link to a Spartan wiring diagram:

Circuit 133 provides power to the key switch. Circuits 134 and 135 go from key to Allison VIM. Circuit 136 leaves the VIM to the starter frame relay.

I am not sure from where the VIM power is fed. Looks like circuit 134. My 98 Monarch (which has a a 1995 driveline) is probably similar. My Allison control box is mounted inside in the wall left of the driver seat, below the shift selector panel.

Good luck and welcome to the site. I hope this helps.

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    Forums    Tech Talk    Spartan MM 8.3L Cummins (No start using the key)

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