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sidewall skin
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O.K. another question. looking at the brochures on the picture pages they show the alcoa tonecote as being .040" thickness. also it mentions extensions as being .062". are the extensions the smooth sides? i have both smooth and formed sides and am thinking of replacing as an alternitive to a repaint???????? Dumb idea?

thanks again,

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I would not look at replacing panels of anything as a reasonable alternative to repaint.

Any panels you replace should be painted, and when one factors the cost of drilling out, tearing out, purchasing, cutting, sealing, fitting, riveting etc...the costs would be outrageous.

Basically, repaint is your best option.
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I have seen a few repainted Barths and they take the paint very well. My suggestion (whether asked for or not) is to maintain the same color scheme as before. You coach will more likely hold it's price if you maintain the classical color scheme.

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