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1975 barth 454
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What is the best way of keeping these engines from not running so hot?
Has anyone come up with a good idea?
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An awful lot depends on your definition of hot. Water temperature in the mid-range running on a warm day, (about 190f) means the thermostat, fan and radiator are doing ok. Probably not much to be done, pretty normal. Expect higher temps under heavy loads.

My ole 82 Barth, ran hot water temps, put in a 180F stat, no help, changed to an aluminum radiator and hi-output water pump. Got the water temp back to mid range. Radiator fan was ok. Added an electric fan to help with the transmission cooler anyway!

Being under the dog house there is just a lot of heat collected, specially right after the engine is shut off.

Good luck!

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There's a few ideas floating around about having the engine run at the right temperature, with a 454.

- make sure ignition timing is set properly, that can impact the heat
- flush the coolant system to be sure that no sludge has settled
- make sure the water pump is correct, there is a high volume option for many of the years
- use a high flow thermostat, for the right temperature
- make sure there is enough coolant
- make sure the radiator cap is working properly
- make sure the radiator isn't partially clogged
- if you have electric fans, make sure they work
- if you have a mechanical fan clutch, make sure it works
- make sure no one disposed of the radiator shroud
- there are some discussions about the wheel well barriers to help with proper engine area air flow, read those
- make sure the lower radiator hose is not collapsing inwards

You got this!
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Normal temp for my 454 was usually about 195 degrees.

Keeping it cool depends on load, water circulation and air circulation.

As for load, the engine radiator also functions as the auto transmission cooler. Both contribute much heat when pulling hills, etc. I used separate trans coolers to reduce heat load on the main radiator. Also a couple extra flat fans on the front of the radiator.

High capacity water pump and a good fan clutch help, too.

Be sure the radiator core is clean inside and out. Air flow is marginal at times. Be sure the radiator shrouds are intact. Also, many coaches do not have the rear engine shrouds installed. They help keep the plugs and wires cooler.

see discussionhere:

Some of the heat problems occur after shutdown. The engine and everything else is still very hot. It may get very hot for a while until the engine finally cools. This is one advantage of tubular headers compared to OEM iron manifolds. The heavy iron manifolds stay very hot for quite a while. The thin header tubes cool quickly. I used to run a radiator fan for a while after shutdown to cool the doghouse quicker.

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