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DC only works on land power
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1993 Regency, CAT diesel
Just took out of storage. Starts fine but house dc won't work unless plugged into land power. AC fans will turn on but no compressor (tried them 1 at a time front and rear). Generator starts up but won't produce electricity. When plugged in dc lites work fine. Replaced both solenoids and isolator. Checked wiring of converter and it's ok. Checked fuses and circuit breakers and they are ok.
Did not bench test converter or wiring from engine compartment to converter.
Bad converter? Help.
I was impatient with my ac units.Both work, I just didn't give them enough time to cool down and the compressors are so quiet I couldn't hear them. The generator does work also, I just didn't have a load on it. So I turned on my microwave and I had boiling hot water.
I am having a younger more flexible and knowledgeable worker come over Saturday and check it out (particularly fuses and connections in the electric compartment under the bed).
Still open for suggestions. House batteries are charged. connections all cleaned. Going to the house battery turn off switch tonight even though it says its working.
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Several symptoms here. The Gillig is similar to my Spartan but not exactly. hmm

If you have power while pluggged in, the convertor must be working.

Coach batteries may be discharged and need more time to charge up? If the generator will run but not produce power, the genset may have tripped a breaker, etc. Also the transfer switch that connects genrator may not be working.

Check the genset output right at the genny. Be sure all isolator switches are in correct position. Leave it plugged in a while and see if batteries return to function.

Good luck, keep us posted. Maybe a Gillig driver could chime in with more suggestions.

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Sorry to suggest because of what you have checked. Have you taken off, cleaned and reinstalled the battery cables. You know for sure you have power when plugged in that the converter is working like Steve said.

I have nothing to add to what Steve suggested for generator. What generator do you have? Try tripping the breaker switches on the generator and resetting?

Sorry looks like we were a little slow to respond. Good Luck on finding the issue.

Dana & Lynn
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Not a diesel guy, but on gas powered units the genset starter runs off the house batteries, also do you have an automatic switch from shore to genset power, might not be switching.
Strange how the A/C fans will work but not the compressors. As far as I know both run on ac power, unless there is a control that uses dc power, usually if that is the case there is a built-in dc bridge in the air conditioner. Leads me to think there is not adequate ac shore power to start the compressor.

As stated not a diesel guy!! Steve already mentioned to check shore, genset switch.

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Was bad house batteries, replaced them and cured my problem
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