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    Forums    Tech Talk    Hydraulic cooling fan for Spartan/Cummins side mount radiator
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Hydraulic cooling fan for Spartan/Cummins side mount radiator
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On the way home from Goshen, the 8.3 Cummins ran hotter than usual, hotter than it should for the air temp and load...
After a while the temp dropped over 20 degrees and stayed there.

I recently replaced all coolant hoses and both thermostats. I have a side mounted radiator and it depends on a fan to bring air in the side. On the older models like mine, the fan is hydraulic and shares the hydraulic engine pump output with the power steering system. All mechanical, with regulator valves, etc. There is a filter inside the reservoir as well.

I suspect the fan is running too slowly. I will service the system and inspect the pressure proportioning valve that controls the flow to the fan.

I have found some comments and info about the system:

to be continued:

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We replaced the fluid and the filters(2 stacked) a few years ago but it's nice to see the schematic of how the system is put together
Thanks for the info


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    Forums    Tech Talk    Hydraulic cooling fan for Spartan/Cummins side mount radiator

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