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Squealing brakes - 94 Regal
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I had the brake pads replaced on my "new to us Barth" because they were squealing and felt soft. The garage I use, which I usually trust, put pads all around at my request, even though he said the rear's were still pretty good. The brakes definitely feel and work better but the stupid things are squealing more now than they did before. When I called him about it, he said the new pads would have to "wear in". Is he "pumping sunshine" or is that typical? I thought I saw something on the forum about this but couldn't find it.


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Yes, he is telling the truth.

New pads DO need to take a 'set' and sometimes a good heating up will cure the squealing sound that occurr in a lot of brakes. A trip to highway speed followed by aggresive braking (watch your butt) should heat them up enough to break any glaze. Sometimes twice or three times helps. Let them run a bit and cool off while running so the glaze does not return.

Sometimes the source also is light surface rust and it seems that all vehicles (motorhomes included) need to be used to prevent some aspects of decay.

I think at least a monthly short trip (.5 hour, and 20 miles) is necessary to prevent a lot of malady.
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Well thank you sir for replying. I did take the rig back and he changed the pads to some different ones and they pretty much stopped squealing. When it's real hot and I've been driving a lot, sometimes they still yell a little bit but I can live with them now. I did believe him but I do think that the pads he first put on were strange. So, alls well that ends well.

Thanks again,

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    Forums    Tech Talk    Squealing brakes - 94 Regal

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