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Hot Water Heater Problems
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<Joe A>
I just purchased a 1987 30' Barth Chevy 454 coach and love it.It Started it's life as a custom mobile hospital meeting center amd was re-customized by the family I bought it from.The husband who did all the work died last December and with him went all inside info.The hot water heater is electric only and has just sprung a leak!!!The heater is a American Appliance Heater can anyone help please???
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Wow Joe, You definately have a challenge here. Since almost all Barth's were custom made for individuals that was also the situation for their many specialty coachs. First question is have you already bought the coach. Because for about the same money you can buy a 30 foot Barth Regal 454 which would have been a motor home from the start. I have talked to many people who have bought everything from xray vehicles to bookmobiles and even mobile mammiogram vehicles. They are wierd to say the least. Some have bathrooms but no showers. The mammiogram vehicle had a huge generator and large rear area but small front living space. The water heater situation may be one of these oddities. Most motor home water heaters are made by Atwood or American Standard. I think that Barth primarily used Atwood. So perhaps yours was specially ordered that way for some medical reason. I would very much like to know more about your Barth. Could you describe it a little more for me. Do you have bed, bath, galley etc. Do you have a generator or an inverter set up. Where and who many batteries do you have?? I searched for American Appliance Water Heaters and came up blank. Perhaps this is called American Standard now. How big is your water heater? is it a small six gallon like most RV's or is a larger like a house or apartment unit. Fill me in..


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