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Black water holding tank
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Have a 1988 Barth.The following information was
on a binder that came with it from a previous owner.
Coach 8805/3540/25CB
Chassis-Chevy P30 Power Train-454 400TH

The rest of information in binder is on wiring
and the different items in coach.

I have not been able to find any information on the holding tanks. Someone said to look for the number on the tank, but I was not able to see one.
I need the tank replaced as I have already tried
the various patching methods suggested and they didn't help probably because of it being at a connection point. Can anyone tell me where to look for replacement tanks and where I can find
out a model number for the tank. Is there a place
where this information is located? Am living in
my Barth and a new tank is a must because it is leaking. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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Bill: Welcome to Barthmobile.
Bill: Welcome to the site. Scroll up to "SEARCH"
Type in Holding Tanks. See if this helps. .....

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I had the same problem a few years ago. Tried everything to get that leak stopped but it was like a runny nose in the springtime. Finally got hold of PPL in Houston. They have live people who know what they're doing. Make a diagram of the tank with measurements and outlet location. Call them, and they'll tell you how and what to order. They'll probably want you to fax the diagram. Tanks - Holding Tanks

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Welcome to barthmobile.

Thank you for supplying us with your tag# (coach#) - Nice. Thumbs Up

I'm with Danny on this - If you can't get it to seal after trying the methods outlined above - use PPL for a new tank.

Do you have a picture of your coach that you can share too? We love pictures.

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This looks like a good spot to add info about the black water tank. I replaced mine. It was a dickens of a job (I was thinking words stronger than 'dickens' at the time.)

I don't know if it was a rock kicked up, too much UV radiation, or overspray from the prior paint jobs that weakened the tank. The plastic is very brittle and beyond repair. Lots of cracks in it.

The tank I have is used for 1 toilet and 2 sink drains. It measures 20" x 54" on the top. 12" deep. I knew I had a slow leak that I couldn't remedy so when I saw a tank on ebay that was 18" by 48" I figured I could make it fit. It was new and $10.

Given I wanted to go to NH last weekend, I couldn't go without a working tank so I set about to getting this in.

My old tank is installed by Barth by having threaded rods come through the framing to which steel beams are attached to secure the tank from underneath. The rods looked like they could not be used because the threads were very rotted so I cut the rods about half way up. Fortunate for me I didn't cut them flush with the floor above.

I got the old tank out, and when placed side by side with the new tank, I saw that the seller didn't properly measure the tank. The new tank is 20x54x12, and looks like it came from the same mold. The vendor was Ameri-Kart, and they are at What I got was an exact replacement.

I tried to find better ways of attaching the tank, but pressed for time, I looked again at the rods I'd cut. They were not too bad in terms of rust up near the floor above. I was able to find the end of one of them inside of the bathroom cabinet and could see that it was made with a wide thick washer held in place with a nut and maybe welded in place. It was hard to see. I was unable to remove it for closer inspection.

I oiled the rods and ran a tap up them to clean up the threads. I used a coupler and new threaded rods to make the attachments work out.

I measured the top of the old tank and measured again and measured again to make a cardboard template to assist me in cutting holes in the top of the new tank. I held my template up to the old tank and to the drains above and it looked good. I used a hole saw and cut holes such that I would have about 1/8" freedom of movement on the rubber fittings. They have a half inch flange.

I bought new rubber fittings at a local RV store to make the interface to the PVC pipes coming down. I used a grinder to bevel the PVC pipes to give me a little more freedom in guiding the new tank in to position. I used a GE flexible caulking around the rubber seals to assist in sealing. I took the toilet out so that I'd only have to initially align the tank with the two fixed position sink drains. That worked out well and I then put the toilet back in place.

No problems this past weekend with the black water tank!

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resurrecting an old thread to add info..

My black water holding tank is out at RV Doctor George in Sacramento for repair/replacement due to a larger crab possible occurring as tank was dry for a number of years when in storage before and after I bought it. Repair may be a possibility ( see here.. ). I took a number of pic's of the tank, but unfortunately, didn't think about actual measurements D'oh . I took several pics of the 'data plate' from different angles making it 'easier' to read specs..

additional info from Barth forums using 'holding tank' as search term..
holding tank


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