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Turd Fairy strikes again

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06-23-2019, 08:40 AM
Turd Fairy strikes again
Had a great time at Rusty's Memorial, Thanks to Y'all!

Now on the way home, Went to Dana's to get the trailer and generator he found for me! Thanks for all your help Dana!

Yesterday on the way West, everything was going great but late in the afternoon I noticed a couple of surges in power. then near Rapid City going up the grade, boost went down, lost power and speed. Nursed up to the top but got really slow with many surges of boost and then no Boost.

It is not the turbo, if it were, it would smoke but no smoke. I can hold 60 MPH as long as I am on a relatively flat road. As soon as I call for more power, the boost drops, If I release the throttle for second or two and reapply boost will come back but may or may not stay long.

Possible causes--Bad fuel, water in fuel, fuel filters clogging up, lift pump failing or the main injection pump UGH! Being close to the middle of nowhere, I will have to nurse this thing to either Cheyenne or Casper, to get near a Cummins service center, and of course being Sunday hmmmm!

I can get fuel filters at NAPA BUT, here is where the Turd Fairy has struck. If it is the lift pump, I have a spare BUT, it is home sitting on my messy work bench. had notes to bring it along Oh Well!

If it is the main injection pump, I am in for a EXPENSIVE repair. 303,825 miles on the clock! This is the first area that I have been able to get internet! More later

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06-23-2019, 08:57 AM
Hopefully the fuel filters will take care of it. At least it is a good starting point . I've had these problems before as well .
Your spot on with your troubleshooting thoughts.
I had the modulator on the wastegate go bad once and would not let the injector pump read boost pressure therefore not allowing the injector pump to give full throttle .
Another common problem is the injector pump overflow valve . There is an aftermarket overflow valve that works much better than oem. I have the part link if interested.

Good Luck and happy motoring.
You probably know everything i know about these Cummins , but if you need any tech support I'll be happy to give you my number and we can bounce ideas back and forth.

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06-23-2019, 02:34 PM
Ed, Nose is a gas engine of course, but your symptoms emulate those I have had numerous times, all the time it has been a clogged fuel filter, I hope your problem was that easy!! Good luck, was nice to see you at the Goshen GTG!!

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06-23-2019, 04:03 PM
Steve VW
Hmm, this turd fairy thing is making me wonder. hmm

On the way home from Goshen, the Cummins ran hotter than usual, hotter than it should for the air temp and load...
After a while the temp dropped over 20 degrees and stayed there.

I recently replaced all coolant hoses and both thermostats. I have a side mounted radiator and it depends on a fan to bring air in the side. On the older models like mine, the fan is hydraulic and shares the hydraulic engine pump output with the power steering system. All mechanical, with regulator valves, etc. There is a filter inside the reservoir as well.

I suspect the fan is running too slowly. I will service the system and inspect the pressure proportioning valve that controls the flow to the fan. hmm

I will start a thread to share more info...

Gotta keep them fluids flowing! Mechanic

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06-24-2019, 05:23 PM
The turd fairy tried to dump on our return trip but some Barth Angel/s intervened and saved our bacon.

First - We got lost (a.k.a. unintentional sight seeing tour) At the time it was an error that really seemed like a total "PITA" but it turned out to be a very very good thing. Our tour added about 50+ miles and about an hour to our trip.

Second - We caught up with Dana and Lynn at a rest area on I-80 just west of Chicago. They had left the fairgrounds about an hour after us. Another opportunity to say goodbye again to friends thanks to our unplanned tour.

Third - We caught up with Ed at a rest area on I-90 near Beloit as he was getting ready to leave. He had left the fairgrounds an hour before us and had been at the rest area for a couple of hours. Another opportunity to say goodbye again to a friend thanks to our unplanned tour.

Fourth - This is where the turd fairy steps in. We tried to start Tonka to leave the rest area just after Ed pulled out. Turned the key and total silence, absolutely nothing! Checked the Intellitec chassis light, it was still lit but as I looked at it the switch stopped responding and the light went out and the steps would not extend.

I climbed down and checked the chassis batteries. Even I could see the problem. The battery cable lug that attaches to the positive battery terminal stud had just broken off.

Fifth - Called Coach Net and about 3 hours later and after installing a new temporary 4' battery cable we were back on the road and Tonka was running as strong as ever.

My rational side knows it was coincidence and dumb luck but I'd much rather think it could have been a Barth Angel intervention.

The battery cable lug literally broke in a rest area after 22 years of corroding and 48,000 miles of bouncing, flexing and fatiguing. What are the odds of that happening while parked in a rest area, not out in the middle of nowhere or in some construction zone with no shoulder.

Good grief and total amazement! In a rest area that was easy to find and access along a major Interstate and near parts suppliers.

If we hadn't gotten lost in the morning, it is so likely we would have been stranded unsafely for hours along the side of the road instead of safely for a few hours in a rest area.

Thank you Barth Angel/s! Tooling Along
06-24-2019, 07:34 PM
Wally, it is good all is well with you. I am glad you have a Barth angel!!!

25 Ft Glassnose, 2792, 1982
454 Engine
Plain Jane Interior
Original Paint
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06-24-2019, 09:18 PM
I was surprised to see Wally and tickled to see him. I told him to not let Connie take lessons from Lynn for navigating. Good Outcome though.

Okay with the turd fairy stories being shared I guess it is my turn. I should have been more listening when I was told you need to secure the Zip-Dee awning. The hook lock was broken when we got it. I like the Dometic. You can get parts everywhere.

Zip-Dee is so proprietary you can't get almost anything without going through them.

Sorry did I get on a soap box. Showed my prejudice for a certain brand.

Now Turd Fairy.... You probably know what happened already. The awning unfurled in the 30 mph crosswind following the cold front. Tried to make Midnight into a Sailship beating the arms against the side. No major damage except the awning itself. No seam is sewn shut anymore. Broke the end off one of the rafters.

Try winding up a broken awning when the wind is still whipping. Lynn claimed flight multiple times during the exercise trying to hold it under control. I crawled on the roof because I couldn't safely stand. Rope and bungied it together to safely travel home.

Missed out on a Dometic to replace it for $100. Got beat to it. It was even Dark Blue. New looking at $1200+ The search continues.

Here is the Turd Fairy list and progress to deturd in no particular order.
Steve work in progress Hydraulic fan?
Ed fuel filters replaced and back on the road home.
Richard alternator out running a charger and 200 miles to his mechanic.
Wally cable fixed
Me home and safe. Looking for awning!!

Dana & Lynn
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06-25-2019, 09:13 AM
Here is the Turd Fairy list and progress to deturd in no particular order.Steve work in progress Hydraulic fan?Ed fuel filters replaced and back on the road home.Richard alternator out running a charger and 200 miles to his mechanic.Wally cable fixedMe home and safe. Looking for awning!!

Dana you forgot the first attack of the Fairy, Nose is still in Michigan City awaiting parts!!!

25 Ft Glassnose, 2792, 1982
454 Engine
Plain Jane Interior
Original Paint
Picture by Kevin
06-25-2019, 09:24 AM
Gary Carter
OK so here is my version.

Last toll booth leaving IL. Paid the toll and started to accelerate and puff the engine quits. Pulled to the side and planned to reprime the engine. Did so, got back inside and engine will not turn over. Finnaly looked at my gauges and no voltage. Big "0" on the engine guage. Went back to check engine batteries and holly "S". One of the group 31 was toast. Turns out the positive cable was showing a dead short. So after about 3 hours of looking and getting ready to call a tow truck, I crawl under to take another look at the starting relay and saw a connection the had 4 large wires on it. After using Marleen to help to check arcing found the circuit the short in it. Hooked the good three back up. Moved the 4th out of the way. Now I had voltage, fired up the engine and on our way. Only now I have no alternator. But I know what circuit to troubleshoot.

I lucked out by not having a tight connection between two batteries or would have cooked both of them.

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06-25-2019, 08:22 PM
Mary Ray
David, Amy and I had a nice trip home, no problems.

Enjoyed the visit with everyone, been a long time since getting to visit with some of you and looking forward to Tom Sawyer in September.


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06-25-2019, 09:44 PM
Oh my, lots of turd’s hard at work! When on my way home from Goshen, my drivers front tire started a wobble and was burning rubber. My front brakes and calipers shot and front tires dry and retreads so I replaced. Driving to get fixed I could not go past second gear..? Tran fluid was good and I just did the tune up. Replaced filters, I think transmison may need replacing .
I don’t know about what’s going to happen with the 77 .
Can the body be fixed the way it was? Are any parts available?
I don’t know. I was on my way to replace fixed gas tank when I broke down. Then a 60 mph Smack drivers side bumper down the side. Ugh. So sad , I need advice on ? Who could fix?
I’m glad with all flying turds we are all well, blessed with no harm!
06-26-2019, 08:56 AM
Steve VW
What a mess. So sorry the 77 got whacked. Doesn't sound good.

Hopefully the brakes and tires are good on the 85. As for the trans, be sure to check the vacuum modulator and the hose to it. The modulator is located on the pass side of the trans, just above the pan. It is screwed into the side of the trans. There is a rubber vacuum line attached to it. Be sure that hose is connected there and up to the engine near the carb. If not, the trans will not go into 3rd gear.

Good luck with your coaches. take care

"98" Monarch 37
Spartan MM, 6 spd Allison
Cummins 8.3 300 hp
06-26-2019, 09:14 AM
Jim and Tere
Steve to the rescue again(hopefully) Superman

Jim and TereJim and Tere

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06-26-2019, 12:36 PM
Thanks ,I told my mechanic He looked at me very insulted and said I already ruled that out I’m a tranny man! So that was that We shall see.
The 77 ... Scared of adjuster.
06-26-2019, 04:55 PM
Originally posted by Lulamay:
Thanks ,I told my mechanic He looked at me very insulted and said I already ruled that out I’m a tranny man! So that was that We shall see.
The 77 ... Scared of adjuster.

Transmission man?? Big Grin

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