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1990 Regency 34-What should I know?
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Picture of John Papasergia
Tonight I'm going to test drive and maybe purchase a 90 Regency 34 with 3208 cat and 4sp allison and dielsel gen --- any tips would be greatly appreciated. Is there a checklist availible. I'm pretty handy and dont mind fixing things but I dont want to have a magor repair bill form say, drivetrain or generator or anything else big. the coach has 75k miles and is in pretty nice shape. used but not abused no magor wear to my untrained eye.
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Welcome, I wouldn't normally jump right in but if you are going to check this coach out tonight I want to put in my 2 cents. A Barth is in a different category than all but a few RV's. The exceptional construction and finish makes it something that you will grow to appreciate more the longer you own it. Not sure which coach you're looking at but if it's really nice and you like it and the price is right, BUY IT! I'll let others chime in but I wanted to give you some positive input. Let us know what happens.

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While Danny is right about a Barth being a superior RV to most, the basic drive-train are pretty universal and can be either well cared for or abused. If you're not a diesel expert, have it checked out by a Cat mechanic. If the drive-line is in good shape and the cosmetics are acceptable, the rest of the RV is pretty standard fare.

It may be smart to identify to this group where the Barth is too. Many time members here have knowledge of other Barths and may have even looked at it in the past.


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My only concern is a 20 year old engine with only 75K miles. That's less than 4K per year. Not the sort of use most diesels like. I would be happier with 175K.

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I agree with Gary, although 4K is IMHO on the low side of acceptable - IF it wasn't due to 5 years at 15K each, and 15 years of sitting.


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Get the seller to agree to allow a CAT dealer to inspect the drivetrain. I had my 3208T with the same Allison transmission checked out for about $200. They did a compression check, ran it on their Dynamometer and located a few age items: The flexible pipe connections between the exhaust manifold and the turbo were cracked and leaking, reduced turbo performance. They said this an item every five years. The diesel generator in mine is a 10kw and is almost bullet proof. nYou can't easily see the suspension but I would ask them to check the torque arm bushings, sway bars and shocks. Repairing these, if bad, will run several thousand dollars, but will return the coach to new performance. When you have the report you have information with which to bargain.

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Picture of John Papasergia
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OK, so I drove it and it sure seems like a solid performer---smooth and quiet and real easy to handle. The coach has Oregon plates and is for sale here in Bakersfield Ca. I'm told it belonged to a retired Highway Patrolman who is recently deceased (he bought it in 94, seacond owner). I took some pictures and will try to post them soon. They are installing new batteries this weekend so I can checkout all the features but so far so good. It really doesnt seem to need much all wood is great, tile is nice, the carpet in the cab is kinda dirty but the fridge is new the leathers in great shape the bathroom is huge. It just kanda needs a good cleaning. Oh, the exterior paint is excellent.
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Make sure you have the seller hook it up to a fresh water source to check for leaks, freeze damage can be very expensive
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The Old Man and No Barth
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I will ditto Ace's comments about checking the water system. Elsewhere in these posts, but some years ago, is a description of the "fun," I had the first time I hooked up my water supply, & found the elbows that carried the water up from floor level to the kitchen faucet had frozen apart.
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check for any kind of yellow corrosion lookin stuff on the rear of the refer if you see any the cooling unit will need replaced before use, could cost up to $2000
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ALSO Look at the tires they should not be more than 5 years old, when I bought mine they were 17 years and were changed be for I moved it. Look for side wall cracks.Look for grease on the joints

lenny and judy
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Picture of John Papasergia
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Well I'm nt a Barth owner yet but I'm getting closer the coach is going to cat for an inspection tomorrow . All the other systems have checked out good. Thanks for the help, I'm sure it won't be the last time, wish me luck.
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Originally posted by John Papasergia:
...wish me luck.
Good Luck John! Thumbs Up

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As Bob Hope would say "Rocks of Ruck", seriously John, hope you find it's everything you wished for. Good Luck John.


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How exciting!! I hope all goes well at Cat and you end up as a Barth-owner!

You have got to let us know how this turns out.
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