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heater hose nightmare
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Originally posted by Steve VW:
The bypass patch made it home. Have to replace antifreeze for sure.

I will have to inspect under the coach and hope to find the routing of those hoses and decide on replacement. This could be a major project, I will keep you posted. Meanwhile I want to run to Ohio on the 12th. Probably not fixed by then. Maybe by Dec for Hillsborough.

Any way, no other problems. Dad's boat is in the barn for the winter and winterized. Had a great weekend with the folks. They will both be 86 in Dec. The boat is 90 years old now.

Still not sure the coolant capacity of the system. Engine holds 3 gallons but the rad systems vary (side, rear, etc) and I'm not sure which exact setup I have. Probably another 5 gallons or so. We'll see.

Every time I read of your adventures with your Dad and the boat, it brings a smile because I know what great memories you have. And always will.

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Originally posted by Kevin:
Steve's earlier suggestion, Schedule K is a soft copper, and will give when bent. It comes in a roll. It can be crimped for emergency shutoff, and with the proper tool un-crimped to restore flow. Something to consider for Barthmobile coolant lines. My guess is copper has less internal friction to move coolant along the long runs with less friction.

As the coolant thru these lines is only for cabin heat and preheating the domestic water heater tank, flow rates would not be important. A long length of copper pipe if exposed to ambient would be a really good heat sink and reduce the temperature as it flows to and from the front.

The old rubber hose was a bit expanded from age, the new hose was same internal dimension and fit all the connections necessary including the bypass system I made.

I made a tee fitting with a restricter that reduced the flow to the domestic water heater as I certainly agree with Steve that with 180 degree coolant thru the preheater, domestic water was way to hot after a long run. I didn't want to eliminate this feature as it is nice to have hot water on arrival. I was going to put a thermostat in line but was way more work than a simple restricter. IIRC it is about a 0.030 hole thru the restricter in the input line to the domestic heater.

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Drained the 8.3 and refilled with fresh 50/50 antifreeze. Around 7 gallons in the system and a half in the expansion tank. New coolant filter and we're good to go for now, sans engine coach heat.

If I used copper I would use foam pipe insulation around it, at least on the supply line side. (like domestic water heater lines often do)

Good hoses, backed up with bypass valves installed will likely be the plan. Mechanic

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I was thinking of the problem of "too hot" and thinking this isn't a new problem, there must be some solution. This from Watts may help, didn't read thoroughly, wife called to dinner.

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