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Lighted grab handle
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Does anyone know if the grab handle just outside the front door on my 1991 Breakaway lights up? It is made of clear plastic and says "Barth" on it. In the literature I have, there is a reference to it being lighted.

Does anyone know if it should light, and if so, how do I change/check the bulb? Finally, where is the switch for it? Just inside in a four switch panel adjacent to the door?


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<John Briggs>
That handle should light up. On the four switch panel, mine is the bottom left. The bulb is in the bottom of the handle.
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I just found the original manufacturer for the Barth lighted handle (Brightbar). The are available for about $50. the one your have on your barth requires a bulb that is not available anymore. Yours may not have the lighted option also. If not you can buy that seperatly. This is not the same one that is sold by camping world. That one will not fit. Go to the following URL for ordering info...
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Thanks for the info on the bar. I pulled it off (taking the bottom bracket off first) and the light was burned out. I could not tell what the bulb number was, but I replaced it with a 631 bulb. There were 3 bulbs with the same base, that would all have worked, but the 631 cost the most, so I assumed it was the most heavy duty (whatever that means). It is a well made piece of equipment (like most things Barth included). Thanks again.
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Poking around in older threads, found this link for the current offerings.. Link above is inoperative..

Bright Bar...

from another thread on bulbs for lighted grab handles,,, copied this:
"I have a 1976 Barth with the original Lighted handle. and bulbs can be found at Bulb Man. The particular one for mine and I am sure others was an "S" shape # 6S6-12 for $4.49ea. 12V 6W"


1991 early XL-style (maybe 1 of 2?) Breakaway... but prior to that actual (XL) designation...
2nd Breakaway w/Cat 3208T 250 hp motor 4 spd MT643 Allison trans Gilig Air suspension chassis/brakes
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Thank you Mike/Cindi W
I just broke my handle, and wasn't sure where I was going to get a replacement, so I logged on and this is the first post I see. Didn't have to dig very far.
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If you leave your lighted grab hand light on it overheats and melts the plastic with an incandescent bulb. I purchased LED Light Emitting Diode instead of incandescent. I used the amber color.

These LED replacements were also used instead of the T97 incandescent marker bulbs on the top of my Barth.
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