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Hot Water Assist
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Barthosaurus has hot water assist but the hoses are not connected to the radiator. They are just looped together in the engine compartment.
Is there a good reason to reattach them or just completely disconnect them at the hot water heater? I don't care if we have hot water when we get to the campground or not. My concern is:
1. The hoses are old, 31 years. And if you're going to use the system, the hoses should be replaced.
2. If I remove them completely, will it effect the engine cooling? We've had the Barth since last September and have not had any cooling problems even with the system not connected to the radiator.


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I am guessing, however if the hoses are disconnected, they probably had some problem in the lines. If you do not care if you have hot water on the road, then do not reconnect them. Mine were disconnected, but I reconnected them, after finding most of the line was copper, I did change out the rubber connecting stuff though. Can not think of any cooling problem not having them connected would cause. I like having hot water to wash my hands on the road, and its free!!!

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No problem if the lines are disconnected. Just run a new bypass hose in the engine bay.

I had a loop for the forward heater and water heater in my Monarch. It leaked and I bypassed the whole thing for a while. I have since reconnected the cab heat loop (new hoses) but not the water heater.

I am thinking about reconnecting the water heater loop. The only down side I can see (assuming hoses are good) is the water temp. Most water heaters are set for 140 degrees. Your engine will heat it to around 200 degrees. Just be careful not to get scalded!

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Steve's right about the hot! On our first trip to Dega after a 10 hour run we got into the campground and I turned on the water to wash up. It was steaming! I didn't even know we had this feature and couldn't figure out what was going on. Kind of a neat feature but not what I would consider a necessity. Don't have it on this coach and don't miss it.

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We have it. We like it. We have a marine electric hot water heater so either engine or generator.

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