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Gearshift and Battery Isolation
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We own a 1995 Barth 32 ft. with 230 cummins and allison 4 speed auto trans.

Problem 1. Yesterday I had difficulty acquiring reverse gear. The shift lever has always been stiff. I shoved it to reverse, but the gear was not engaged. After fiddling with it a while, it went into reverse. This happened both times I needed reverse gear. Any ideas/suggestions? Is it a mechanical linkage from the shift lever to the transmission..possibly lubrication?

Update 3-22-01. Yesterday I crawled under the transmission and squirted lubricant into everything that seems to move, and along the cable shaft. Disassembled the shifter up front and did the same thing. Then exercised the shifter and went back and forth with the lubricants. Gradually the shifter got smoother. Then started the engine and was able to easily acquire all the problem is solved. Did learn that the mechanism is a heavy duty cable that runs from the shift lever along the frame back to the transmission. I could not find a cable lubrication fitting, however.

Problem 2. The coach battery isolation switch does not disconnect the coach batteries. As a result the coach batteries are draining to zero from the LP and carbon monoxide detectors. The switch panel is just a switch plate and I cannot locate the actual isolation relay on the chassis. Anyone have this problem or know where the relay is located?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Marty Adams

Marty Adams

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Marty, I have a 92 Breakaway w/190 & AT542, so it may be similar. My isolation relay is in rear street-side engine compartment access door - on the firewall right in front of chassis batteries. Prone to fail - just replaced mine a few months ago when it "partially failed" - symptom was fridge that would not operate on 12V. I replaced with an ST80 from NAPA. Hope this helps.
Hank - Barth Ranger #2300
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    Forums    Tech Talk    Gearshift and Battery Isolation

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