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No Start on Dometic Kwyatt 7 Generator
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When we got our 94 Breakaway, we were unable to get the propane powered Dometic Kwyatt 7 generator to run. The unit, although 10 years old, had less than 29 hours on the meter. We knew it had started and run the previous year but in spite of repeated long cranks under various temperature conditions, it refused to fire and run. The books that came with the unit referred to the typical gasoline fired applications and were of little help in diagnosing the propane powered unit’s problems. I called Dometic in an attempt to obtain a wiring diagram for our unit, only to learn that they no longer sell or support generator units. They referred me to an outfit in California (I’ve lost the name but the phone # is: 1-800-237-4318) who promptly faxed me a wiring schematic. The schematic allowed me to check out the wiring harness and determine that a couple of extra loose connectors were not needed in the propane application. Bottom line: no obvious electrical problems.
We next looked at the propane supply issues. We disconnected the propane line at the outlet to the 12 volt propane supply solenoid and determined that we had propane there when the gen. switches were in the crank mode. We then checked the outlet of the Beam vaporizer-regulator mounted near the solenoid (both on the firewall above the gen set). No gas was flowing out of the regulator. We took the unit apart and found it to be contaminated with a dark brown gummy substance that smells a lot like propane. We cleaned out the residue, reassembled the unit and tested again with the same result – no gas flow. I went to the internet to find out about Beam regulators and ended up talking to Alternate Fuels Technologies ( where they shipped me a rebuild kit (T-60 Repair Kit @ $56.) consisting of new diaphragms and valves. I rebuilt the regulator, adjusted the output pressure per the detailed instructions, and reinstalled it in the Barth. After a few seconds cranking, the unit fired and ran, and appears to operate normally now.
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Thanks for your detailed solution to your problem, having the same genset I may oneday have the same problem. I am now dealing with the replacement of the fuel hose to the genset. I have the manual to the Dometic propane generator if interested ?
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Thanks, Don. If it ever acts up again I'll contact you for help with the manual.
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Im having issues with mine.It starts but it doesn't run, what can be the cause of this problem? can anyone help? I already got t-60 kit but it still doesn't run. Could it be the 12 volt propane supply solenoid? What else can it be?
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Welcome to the Forums! The symptom could be the low oil or over temp sensors, or the pressure regulator. It's unlikely the sniffer solenoid if you get LPG to the reefer/furnace/stove.


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i tried calling the number you poste. do you still have the wiring diagram. if so could you please call me 903-244-9512

Thank you Jerry Rubly
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Ty can you call me? Everytime I call that number it just rings and the answering machine. My number is 903-244-9512. Thank you jerry
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