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Please explain tech. Data
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Hello Steve VW,

In one of your posts (Replacement for GM 467513 6 port valve) you mentioned this:

The original wire from the selector switch goes to the relay coil. (Red wire in the photo) The new 12V power and ground wires go to the relay center contacts, the two wires from the valve motor go the the other relay contacts.

Later in your post you gave a link to DPDT 12v continuous power relay on Amazon.

Well, I got it. The problem is, it is an 8 pin relay. So, sorry to say, your instructions are, we'll, kind of confusing. The relay has 6 pins grouped together; the two middle pins are "commons". The two lower coil pins are + and -. I take it the one original red wire goes to the coil +, and the - negative coil terminal goes to a chassis ground.

But where do the switch wires (D & E) from the new switch, go? Also, where do the new power + & - from the ignition circuit go? Do I ignore the two "common" terminals?

Please, I am exhausted. I'm an old man. Please make this very simple.

Thanks so much.
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Welcome to the Barthmobile site! Hopefully I can help you.

The purpose of the the relay is to provide reversible power to the selector valve. 12V + and - are connected to the common terminals, 5 and 6. Terminals 1 and 2 are connected to the selector valve wires. Terminal 1 is also cross connected to terminal 4. Terminal 2 is cross connected to terminal 3.

In the resting position, 12V+ goes from terminal 5 to terminal 1 and out to the selector. 12V- goes from terminal 6 to terminal 2 and out to the selector. (terminal 1 is + and terminal 2 is -)

When the relay transfers, 12V+ goes from terminal 5 to terminal 3, then crosses over to terminal 2 and out to the selector. 12V- goes from terminal 6 to terminal 4, then crosses over to terminal 1. (terminal 1 is now - and terminal 2 is now +)

Whenever the wires are reversed the selector valve motor runs and drives the valve from one end to the other, changing fuel flow from one set of ports to the other.

I hope this helps. (I also inserted this diagram in the original thread, maybe it will be more straightforward for others to use.) From one old man to another, good luck with your project. Thumbs Up

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"Quite simple my dear Watson". Great medicine for those with "problems".

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