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5.9 Cummins Alternator part number
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No it is not for me, but someone asked me to look on here to see if there are any part numbers for an alternator on the 5.9 Cummings. I did some searches already without success. If you had an alternator put in on your Cummins, please check your repair bill and post the part number here.


This is it, but the numbers are not legible.

Any ideas here what alternator this is?
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It appears to be a standard "J - Mount" alternator. But sometimes, these alternator also has a tachometer wire that would send a pulse out to your gage cluster.

I'm thinking Ed (Mwrench) might know

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To be clear, all Barths are different! Yes this is a standard "J" mount, probably 90 amp two wire alternator. It is identical to the one I removed from my 230 HP 5.9L Cummins. I no longer have the part number for the original as I replaced mine with a 200 amp alternator 22SI mount. That required changing the mounting bracket, belt tensioner, belt and pulley

At the time, my local auto electrical supply house had the exact replacement. Care should be taken to to use all the pulley shims (if any) so that belt alignment would be correct after replacement.

As far as I know, no tach connection was made to the alternator used on the 5.9L Cummins.

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This alternator number, is from the member Evan & Holly who was at the NAPA Store. The alternator appears to be from a Freightliner. After looking at several alternator books this is what Evan has discovered.

Wilson Model # 90-01-4270N 12 Volt 145 amp.

It should be easy to find in the archives for the next member having alternator trouble or just replacing from old age.

Thanks to the help of the members, and also the members that I called, Evan has told me to post his happiness of finding the alternator.

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I have found, the best way to find a part number for Cummins parts, is to call Cummins, give them your serial number off the motor, and they will tell you exactly which part was used on YOUR motor. I just purchased a new belt tensioner from Cummins. I was going to buy it from NAPA but they were about $60.00 higher than Cummins. So when I need parts, the first thing I do is call Cummins, ask for price and availability and go from there.
Good Luck.
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Left with the boat and no power from the alternator. head bang At 4am there are no parts stores open. Went and took a nap after pulling off the old one. When they opened at 7am took the old and they determined this number. I then showed them and compared. Same

Notable it came clocked 180 from what mine needed. head bang Oh they had to order it also. Came at 1pm. head bang Sent to the truck shop to clock. They had a tough time getting the serpentine pulley off. head bang On the road a 3pm to the lake at 10:30 pm.

I believe Rusty said he carries a spare. head bang I bet I will now. Now adding my 110 impact wrench also........

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I have a 90amp Delco. Had it rebuilt a number years ago. They told me when I picked up they could have make a 130 amp out of it. Oh well, I have never needed more.

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    Forums    Tech Talk    5.9 Cummins Alternator part number

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