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    Forums    Tech Talk    What size Lugs nuts do I have?
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What size Lugs nuts do I have?
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Folks, I ain't too smart I guess. I have a 1988 Regency31' With a Spartan chassis and 22.5 rims. I want to get new hub covers and need a socket big enough to remove the lugs. Also, my front cover is just a chrome ring instead of a full cover. Any information would be Great! Blessings
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Post a picture of the wheel. Maybe we can help.

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No question is a dumb question. "Ask, don't guess". will save you a lot of time & Money.

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All vehicles the use 22.5 inch wheels use the same lug nuts. You use a 6 point socket and a 4 point socket. Check ebay or amazon or just search for lug nut wrench.

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John, the lug nuts on my 1990 Regency are 1.5 or 1 1/2". I use a 6 Point socket with a 9" and a 3" extension for the rear and the 3" for the front with a 3/4" drive breaker bar three feet long.
The inside lug nuts on the rear are .8125 or 13/16" square drive. This socket can be purchased at a commercial truck shop. While you are there get some extra nuts. Some coaches have left threads on the left. Mine does have left threads on the left side. The left threads are not to be confused with left handed cigarettes.

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    Forums    Tech Talk    What size Lugs nuts do I have?

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