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    Forums    Tech Talk    Next prospect USA import to Canada?
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Next prospect USA import to Canada?
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This one is a lot nicer. The chassis looks okay and the interior is half-restored. The price seems okay but: It's a five day road trip to get it home, I'll have to figure out import and insurance and the engine (runs good I am told) has 155k miles. I come from the world of imports and this wouldn't phase me too much but I don't know the longevity that can be expected from a Chevy 454. Engine.

Does anyone know or have a line on someone familiar with importing motorhomes fr the USA to Canada?
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check Babybarth's profile for contact info. He bought one and is from Canada. He may be of some help to you.

Dana & Lynn
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You have two choices:

1. go thru custom broker and get USA export documentation
then drive to Cdn Customs (this exports the vehicle from the USA)

2. Drive direct to Canadian Customs entry point!
They will want title doc ...VIN number, transit plate,
Pay token custom fee...
Get insurance before you go showing VIN number etc.
...if you do not buy it it is a easy cancel

Brought my MCC by Barth (from Texas) from MCR in Indiana
(there was some hassle re temp plate time---most were for a week
but got special permission from Illinois govt. for 30 days to Nova Scotia...


The 82 MCC {by Barth}
is not an rv--
it is a Motor Coach!!

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    Forums    Tech Talk    Next prospect USA import to Canada?

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