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Reliable Repair Shops - Post Your Experiences!

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06-18-2014, 08:08 PM
Reliable Repair Shops - Post Your Experiences!
At the top would be:

LA: Scott (Lafayette). Premiere RV, Inc., 1721 Renaud Dr., Scott (Lafayette), LA. (337) 233-7494, (800) 298-6952; owned by our own billyt53. Completely overhauled the Barth's rear end.

NJ: Springfield. Springfield Truck Center, Springfield, NJ - 311 Morris Ave (973) 376-0222, Jeff Bridges, owner. Small, cramped location, but a great owner and excellent mechanics. Replaced P/S pump with broken shaft. Referral from GS Road Service.

FL: Alachua (Gainesville). City Boy's Tire and Brake, 14570 NW US Highway 441 Alachua, FL (386) 462-3887 (US 441 South, off I-75 exit 399). I've known the owner Eric Fouldes, 15 years. His shop is the only one I entrust the Barth and the Chvy van to for maintenance and routine repairs. Very thorough.

MD: Baltimore. Middleton & Meads Co., 1900 Hanover St., Baltimore, MD. (I-95 Exit 54, 1 block N on Hanover) (410) 752-5588. Very large shop, approved center for just about everything. Despite the size, very well organized. Replaced a failed master cylinder, then two years later, replaced that one. You may use my reserved parking space Cool ...Referral from Spartan.

KY: Mt. Vernon/Berea. The Lamb Group, 8326 US 25N, Mt. Vernon, KY. (I-75 Exit 76, SR 21 E ½ mile, right on US 25N. (606) 256-5262. Installed an external transmission cooler when the fittings on my radiator-integral one leaked. More importantly, solved the chronic issue of my engine eating belts.


MilSpec AMG 6.5L TD 230HP; built-to-order by Peninsular Engines:  Hi-pop injectors, gear-driven camshaft, non-waste-gated, high-output turbo, 18:1 pistons.  Fuel economy increased by 15-20%, power, WOW!"StaRV II"

'94 28' Breakaway: MilSpec AMG 6.5L TD 230HP

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07-16-2014, 11:17 AM
Jerry Campsey
Before Milford I had the distributor changed for a new high output unit and the radiator removed and batched and checked for leaks. The new distributor went out on way home (faulty product) and the radiator started leaking. Radiator had not been serviced even thought the shop had charged me $350. Now I am waiting for a new radiator and missed a rally I wanted to go to. The only shop I have found is Young's on I-27 south edge of Amarillo. At least they know what they are doing.

85' Barth Regal 28' 454 Chevy
07-16-2014, 11:50 AM
Steve VW
Welcome to my world of re-dos lately. 2 years ago I paid $500 to have my radiator recored. They did replace the core but the seams leaked.

I just paid $85 to have the radiator seams resoldered. I did not bring it back to the place in Traverse City!

Unfortunately, most of the feedback I get on repairs has been lukewarm at best. Good luck.

"98" Monarch 37
Spartan MM, 6 spd Allison
Cummins 8.3 300 hp
09-20-2014, 03:48 PM
Any in California? I'm in the SF Bay area. There are a couple of Barth owners nearby, but don't seem to be active on the forums lately...
09-21-2014, 09:53 AM
Kirk & Elise
Not California... not even close. But we use R&W Truck Repair in Warren, PA. John, his son Chris, and also a grandson are there and work on all manner of large trucks and motorhomes. Very trustworthy and reasonable cost. Warren, PA is close to the NY State border at the western end of both of those states, Lake Erie side if you will.

1989 22' Regal
09-24-2014, 09:00 AM
baby barth
Good morning don't know about a reliable shop but do know not to go anywhere near Ocala Detroit Diesel Allison, they seem like nice people but do not know their business, they insisted I NEEDED A NEW TRANNY so I have one but that did not fix my 2400 rpm shifting problem. The problem was a seized modulator cable , which I SUGGESTED TO THEM but they wanted to sell a tranny. Ocala Detroit Diesel Allison has offered to pay for the modulator cable repair ,$214.00 I think they owe me for half the cost on the tranny at $2241.84. Warning when in Florida do not deal with Ocala Detroit Diesel Allison
09-24-2014, 01:55 PM
Mogan David
I think they should eat the ENTIRE tranny bill. My neighbor just went through something like that with a Cadillac. They thought a noise was the rack and pinion. So, they replaced it. made no difference with the noise. NO CHARGE to customer.
04-22-2015, 10:05 PM
We had a good experience with Machinery Service Co. in Defiance, Ohio. Greg Dumire is an old hand with big trucks and school buses, plus he's owned a few old motorhomes so he understands these vehicles.

For us, he replaced the water heater and some oil cooler lines. Did an oil change and checked the brakes. Replaced the temp gauge sender. Overall looked it over and spent a good amount of time helping me understand more about the rig.

Gotta admit I'm biased toward this shop. We call on them regularly to make specialty hydraulic hoses (they have a very extensive selection of fittings). But when I took the Barth in I learned something new--back about 40 years ago, my dad used to take his cars to Greg's dad's repair shop. So it was neat to realize that we're the second generation doing business!


'94 30' Medical Clinic undergoing conversion
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09-21-2015, 11:25 AM
Mike/Cindi W

New guy here... so what I'm hearing is that no one has any experience with good service on the west coast at all?

Mike W
hopefully a Breakaway in the near future..
09-21-2015, 04:41 PM

no one has any experience with good service on the west coast

Where on the Left Coast are you looking? Henderson's Line-Up in Grants Pass, Oregon is good.

"Keep On Truckin"
94 30' Breakaway #3866
5.9 cummins on spartan chassis
09-21-2015, 05:01 PM
Mike/Cindi W
Probably north of San Francisco. (currently in Maine for family biz..) Probably live in Mendo County eventually. So anywhere from Bay Area north and east to Sacto. Grants pass would work..

Tnx.. Mike W

09-23-2015, 12:00 AM
ted m ball
Dr George RV Repair north Sacramento is very reliable. They know RV's, Dr George passed away last year but guys there are carrying on. Generally you have to go to specialty shops-gen., trans., engine,-few have the whole picture any more. ted m ball-21' '76 loaf.
09-23-2015, 12:11 AM
I take mine to C&E in San Leandro. They mostly do fleet stuff for FedEx etc, but have a constant stream of RV's there too. After all, from what I understand, much of what's in my Barth is in a delivery van.

I'm a little cheesed that they charge me about 150% of retail on Napa parts, but I've been happy with their work. Willing to do weird stuff like fabricate a parking brake bracket, etc.

Best thing though is that they are a 10 minute drive from my house.

89 28' Regal
Quad Bunks
P-30 454
11-28-2016, 01:24 PM
Steve VW
I drove the Monarch in to get work done on the 8.3 Cummins engine. I had extensive work done on exhaust manifold, block heater, starter. I took the coach to:

Michigan Kenworth
1134 Millbocker Road
Gaylord, MI 49735

989 732 6424
888 544 7493

Not cheap but job done well, good communication as well. The service mananger, Vince Brecheisen, was very helpful. So far I am pleased with their work. They were also recommended by local operators.

"98" Monarch 37
Spartan MM, 6 spd Allison
Cummins 8.3 300 hp
02-11-2017, 08:35 AM
Fred & Cindy
I recently had my head gasket replaced and much work done to the exhaust system to include a new muffler. They also replaced a cracked belt tensioner, serviced the generator, changed the oil, and greased the chassis. All came to $2535. They actually gave me a thumb drive with photos of the things they did. Lots of Diesel shops around here but only a few will work on a motor home. The place is called Garber Diesel Service in Versailles, MO., close to Lake of the Ozarks. So far I am pleased but we are going on a trip to Little Rock AR next week so we will see how it holds up.

1990 32' Regency, Wide Body
Spartan Chassis, 8.3 CTA Cummins
4 Speed Allison Trans
South Central Missouri