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Generator problem ?
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<Joe A>
I have a 1987 Barth converted coach that has a 7k Khoeler generator that will not start.I have checked the obvious,spark,gas comming out of fuel filter,gas making it to carb.,yes the coach gas tank is full.There is a shore\generator switch inside be the main breaker board,is there any possible electrical problem?I even poured gas into spark chamber and it fired but would not keep running.Poured gas into carb she would fire and not continue to run what could possibly be wrong? Not sure when the last time the last owner had it running could it be a jet problem inside the carb?would lauqered gas cause a problem? Like I said I got it fired up and it sounded great but burnt of the gas I poured in and died?
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I'm having a generator problem too. Not as intense as yours but I am sure they are related. The most common advise I have received is carb problems. Because we don't run our gensets enough we get a lot of build up in the carb. I have a Onan which is maintained by Cummins. I and taking it in for a carb overhaul. Hope that will keep it runnign

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I also have a 7kw Kohler (1991 Breakaway) (mine is propane), but the manual I have covers the gasoline model as well. Here are a few suggestions from the troubleshooting table:

Defective fuel solenoid

defective fuel pump

Clogged fuel filter

There is also a low oil pressure shutdown switch that you might investigate.

If you disconnect the fuel line at the carb and crank it, and fuel comes out, you can eliminate a clogged fuel filter and a defective fuel pump.

The shut down solenoid is manually connected to the choke. When the engine is running, battery current through the solenoid attracts and holds a plunger. When the switch is moved to the stop position, the solenoid de-energizes and releases the plunger in the carb to equalize pressure and stop all flow of fuel. If the solenoid fails, fuel cannot flow and the engine won't run.

I hope this helps.
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    Forums    Tech Talk    Generator problem ?

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