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Propane tank no longer accurate
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Has anyone done repair work on any of the tank gauges on their Barth? My propane gauge is no longer working.

We took a long trip this summer and while we were not cooking in the camper the hot water tank was running all summer. My propane gauge showed that was empty. Needing propane, I stopped at the campground filling station and struggled to get 5 gallons and a 44 gallon tank. The campground owner said he had been having problems with his propane and wasn’t sure if it was working properly. When I return home I again tried to fill it and we could not get any propane in the tank. When The tech filling the tank open the bleeder valve he got mostly liquid propane. He says the reason you can’t get any more fuel in the tank is that it is already full. Meanwhile, my gauge still showed that the tank was empty. Obviously I need to try and repair the gauge. I have 92 Barth Regency with over the door colored lights, red, yellow, and green which indicate fluid level in the tanks.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Bill

Bill & Georgene Goodwin
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Bill I never found the over the door monitor to be accurate. Isn’t there a standard dial gauge on the tank? I always checked that as part of my preflight walk. I know the over the door is convenient but I never trusted it. Sorry I can’t be more help.

Dana & Lynn
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I have not worked on the propane tank , but i found some info on it in this thread .

Hope it is helpful.


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Like Dana, neither gauge inside my 86 or the 98 was accurate. Both had dial gauges on the tank that worked well. hmm

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Bill, there is a connection to the tank gauge and sensor mounted at the tank. I have found many times the sensor wire had come off the sender. Look at the gauge on the tank, it should be close to right level, then check the wire that is connected to the sensor, part of the tank mounted gauge. make sure the connection is good and the connector is clean.


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