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The Correct Way to Thump Tires
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Accu-Thump The Correct Way to Thump Truck Tires. 25% of all tires on the road today are under inflated, this results in poor fuel economy, reduced tire life and safety problems.

Cummins also discovered that the user needs a device that’s heavy enough at the business end to significantly flex the tire. But unless the weight is concentrated at the outer end, the device can be so heavy the driver will experience fatigue and won’t hit the tire with consistent force.

The patented device has a bulbous outer end with an edge that consists of a 90-plus-degree convex curve with a constant radius. The driver can change the angle of the tool or the contact point on the tire considerably and still have exactly the same footprint contact the tire. The device is also built with a handle much narrower and smaller than the head so as much of the weight as possible will be concentrated in the head. It only weighs 3.5 or 4.5 pounds, depending upon which version you get. The result is a consistent sound and feel when the Accu-Thump bounces off the tire – if the pressure is consistent. The sound is very different, and there’s much less bounce, when the pressure has dropped.

Take a look at Accu-Thump at It’s a less-than-perfect solution, as Cummins himself admits. But in a less than perfect world, it has to be better than drivers not rechecking their tires at all.


But when I went to find it I got this:

Don't see how that works???


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    Forums    Tech Talk    The Correct Way to Thump Tires

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