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I know this has been asked, but...
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I know the subject of battery charging has been beaten and beaten to death, however I am just lazy enough to want a simple answer, if there is one!
We are keeping our 93 Gillig Regency because we don't see any advantage to a newer or larger diesel coach. We already have a suitable floor plan, it runs fine, doesn't leak and rides well. No reason to start paying for something that is really not any better. So here is the issue:
I want to independently charge the coach and chassis batteries with smart chargers while plugged in; while on the generator without the engine running; and from the alternator while the engine is running;
I want to power the DC 12v distribution panel directly from the converter while the generator is running, even if the batteries are disconnected;
I have already installed the following:
Progressive Dynamics 9260 converter charger with charge wizard;
Iota ITS 50 amp Transfer Switch;
I do not have an inverter yet - haven't developed a good enough excuse to convince DW we "néed" one.
So, what and how many devices do I need? (We upgraded the alternator to a 200 amp Leece Neville that Gillig installed in their busses).
This is all due to the chassis batteries running down while parked for months in the backyard when we are working. Don't like having to run extension cords to a Battery Tender all the time.

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I have onesolar panel for the coach batteries and another one for the chassis batteries for when I'm not hooked up to shore power.... They are not big enough to dry camp off but they keep the batteries charged when it's just sitting around... Not expensive nor labor intensive... Fits my lifestyle and budget...
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