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Period Correct Awnings
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Hi! I'm Alicia and this is my first time posting on here. My husband and I are first time owners of a camper trailer. We bought a 1967 Barth Air Flo recently.
My question/problem is figuring out what type of awning to purchase. I have been told that installing an electric or crank awning would "ruin the look of a Barth" and that I should have a "period correct" type that has poles and ropes and manually put the awning up & down.
Looking for advice on this subject. I know everyone has their own opinion, but with being first time owners, we want to research as much as possible. I cannot find a picture of an original Barth with the original awning to even see what type they used in 1967.
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Howdy and Welcome Smiler

I'm sure there will be someone along to answer your questions .

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Welcome to the site for old RV buffs!

I think what really matters is what you like! After all, if you get too crazy about "period correct" for late 60's you may end up with shag carpet, peace signs, bean bag chairs, and a paisley print awning! ROTFLMAO

I am not sure what awnings were supplied by the Barth factory, but like so many Barth options, I am sure there were several choices. By late 60's I'm sure crank out awnings were in use. Perhaps other here have more info.

Here is some at this site:

I have had both manual and electric awnings. I prefer the manual types. A bit more work to put in and out but more struts and poles to support it well in wind.

The electric awnings are more expensive. Are handy to watch go in and out but have little suppport when extended. I was always nevous about mine in the least wind. Actually, the motor has failed in my current awning and I am looking at an expensive motor replacement.

Be careful who installs the awning. We have seen several poorly installed. The one in my Monarch was installed by Campping World and leaked inside the wall. I am still chasing the water damage.

Good luck! Thumbs Up

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Here is photo of late 60's trailer with awning.

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1967 Barth Air Flo

see here: https://www.vintagetrailersupp...wnings-p/vts-400.htm


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Our '66 has an A&E awning like the one in the link Craig posted.

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