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Replacing the engine
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Sadly, our 1976, 24ft Barth seized up, possibly due to a radiator issue. But our Chevy block engine is a goner. We are looking into salvage yards because we just can't give up on her. Has anyone here replaced an engine or can just share some options?
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Oh boy, it's a BIG project, but you get lots of choices for your next engine. I did mine in the Regal 33 a while back. Took out the 240hp OEM 454 and ended up with a 454HO doing around 400hp. It was a rompin' coach after that!

see here, lots of photos:

good luck with your project!

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350, or 454? You could go with a straight type of "stock replacement", and perhaps add on a torque camshaft and a performance oriented intake manifold.

You could also go with a modern Chevrolet LS series engine, and "replant" an engine from a damaged modern RV, and bring along the overdrive transmission and computer controls. Tht will also involve a change to the fuel tank and pump system.

My understanding of the Portland area, is that vehicles don't rot out like they do in New England. Assess the overall condition, and go! Be prepared for unexpected findings along the way, and look at the big picture. You will be setting up your Barth for decades of service to come.

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