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84 Barth in state of changes......
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My wife and I have put quite a few late evenings updating the 28' Barth we bought last fall. I removed the couch and installed a set of seats that were originaly used as third row seating in a van. The dash has been removed and recovered, and a new instrument panel, guages and switches was fabricated from a piece of laminent flooring. Seats from a Surburban are mounted in place and I dropped the engine cover to aid my wifes bad knees (she had total joint replacement done in December and she is only 43)
We are plugging away at it, she is refinishing cabinets while I installed new vents. Both plastic housings were cracked and leaked, the new vents are "made in China" metal framed. We have a new 15k A/C now, that installed pretty easily. I think I most of the old seams sealed up on the roof...thank God it's not EPDM over wood. I've got new springs for the front comming, I'll put them in with the new rubber brake lines and bearing repack, an all day job I'm sure. I've taken a few phots and put them on photobucket for viewing. My user id is dbywaters I also added a link for anyone who is interested. I've gleened a lot of great ideas from this site. We hope to have a unit that is geared for two occupants since our youngest is 16. I believe the external cosmetics will have to wait until next year...that gives me some time to figure out what it should look like. If it all goes well I hope to be able to drive up to the Barth get together in August, but it is too early to commit right now. Thanks for any advise or comment about progress, which is slow.

Doug Bywaters
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Nice work. This looks like the average amount of work required to update the older Barths.
Good luck, I hope you get a lot of use out of it. Best wishes to your wife and her new knee.
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True craftsmen don't put long hours and scarred knuckles into junk. This project says much about you and your wife, as well as what a Barth Coach is. Please keep us updated!

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