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Door hinge
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Anybody have any thoughts on obtaining a new replacement door hinge on the breakaway door? (forward pax entry)
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An internet search came up with several different kinds . With a picture or part number , i bet one could be tracked down.

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As an aside, may I suggest that a seasonal application of liquid graphite, aerosol or liquid, to the door's piano hinge goes a long way to reduce wear. Apply, wait, wipe clean. Additionally, there's been discussion inre door closures repairs. One might consider applying pressure (pushing/pulling) inward when pulling on the handle, and only "half" closing except when traveling down the road.

Can you use the existing hinge by removing the fasteners from the door, shim the door high in opening, and then refastening?

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A few years ago I cut washers to insert into the hinge. This raised the door up. They are still doing the job. I used locking washers as it was easier to cut out enough to slip it over the shaft. Kinda snapped into place.

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I used nylon washers on mine. I cut a small notch out and they snapped into place. My source was McMaster Carr. After being a sheet metal fabricator most of my life, I decided to make my own hinge. Unfortunately, our turret punch wasn't big enough to handle the size tooling it would take to form the hinge barrels. If enough people would need hinges for the front entry, I would check with my old competitors and see what the cost would be. I drew up a print for the width, I would still have to measure the height but no big deal. But we would need more than one or two in order to make it cost effective.
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