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Regency Entry Steps
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For those of you members that asked me to share with the community here I am.
Regency entry steps and many coaches do not have the same rise and foot area on each step. See in the picture below, the top rise is 10.5 inches. The second step is 8 inches. The different rise amounts cause a tripping hazard, especially for older Barth owners. Ask Nick Cagle about this?

The tiles removed easily from the wood base.

The wood on the steps was installed before the wooden floor in main part of the Barth. I had to use a vibrating cutter to cut apart the wood on the steps and avoid destroying the living quarters floor. The flooring was dry. I chewed it out by chiseling it to shreds after cutting it away from the floor in the Barth.

After a few hours of chewing out the wood it revealed that Barth did originally attempt to have steps close to the same rise and height.

There will be three new steps in place of two. Each will have a six inch rise and a 7 and 21/64 inch tread. The new electric steps only come in 7 inch rise, but I can deal with the one inch change from outside to inside.
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Would have been a lot easier to honor the "last call" cheers
(Remember to hang the placard in the Buick)

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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Kevin:
Ask Nick Cagle about this?

But I didn't spill a drop of that 21 year old Scotch.

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A Kevin project, great!! Did you finish polishing those bumpers??? Hee Hee!!!

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It seems to me...... an additional tread 1/2 the difference in thickness of the objectionable rise could have been added to the lower step and avoided all the destruction, time and labor expended on this project. ...."just saying!"
Stay healthy everyone!!!! Smiler

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Sam would really enjoy shorter , less steep steps .

Sam is 11 year old Miniature Schnauzer
Currently without a coach

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Thanks, Kev. Good to see you on the site.

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