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Gillig motor home steering problem recall
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Just thought I would pass this on.

I found it under Gillig Motor Home chassis problems- safety recalls & defects.
recall for 1987-1991 Gillig motorhome chassis
steering:linkages; link; drag; connection recall.
A problem of separation in the steering connections.

Should be of interest for those who have Gillig chassis. You might have to open it this way recalls & defects.

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Could not follow the link so I looked elsewhere. There were 125 chassis built and all had DD 6v92 turbo engines. I have not heard of any Barths in the 1987 to 1991 years that used a DD V6 turbo engine. Anyway the listed repair is to remove two 1/4" spacers on the Pitman Arm and reinstall the nut and torque to specs. If they exist it should be a quick and free fix.

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The 91 Barth that was owned by Meric Hovind (Bubba Barth) had a 6V92. Only one I've seen here. Sadly, he has passed away and I'm not sure what happened to the coach.

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