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Advice requested re: wall removal
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I have a 1977 21' Barth with a rear bathroom that I'm in the middle of remodeling. It looks just like this one, layout-wise:

I'm repairing a plumbing leak, mold, and water damage. While doing this, I am attempting to build a bed cubby in the driver's side rear corner. I'm hoping to build it over the bathroom countertop/what is now the bathroom sink. To do it, I removed the stove/oven (going to use a portable propane burner instead). I need to remove the top half of the wall that sits between the oven and the closet bathroom. I'm going to move it to the other side of where the oven was. I'll draw this out later, but my kitchen will be only a sink. Then, there will be a wall. On the other side of the wall will be the bed. It will curve like a boat bed and cover up the bathroom sink. Later, I will tackle a bathroom redo to make this all look better.

My (first of many) questions regarding this project:
Can I safely remove the wall that separates the oven and closet wall? Hope so, because I've already sliced it in half! Also, is there a way to get it out in one piece? The wall is in a metal track. I thought I could cut the wall straight back right below the counter top height and then pull it down out of the track, but this isn't working. Won't budge (was hoping I could reuse the wall when I move it near the sink).

Does this wall play a structural role in the Barth? What about the one that comes out from the very rear of the Barth and frames the rear closet? Can I bulldoze the closet walls or not?

I have no idea what I'm doing.
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Interior walls are not part of the shell structure. That's not to say a wall isn't part of the interior integrity.


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