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Shaw floating vinyl floor planks
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Finished flooring. The tough part was removing the original parquet flooring, which was put there to stay. Half way through the job I realized that I had not made the best choice but had to press ahead at that point. Here's what I learned:

- I chose the click-together kind because I wanted to be able to replace a single plank if I needed to. But in narrow spaces, these pieces become a sort of Rubix cube, they don't snap together and stay that way without a struggle, and you can't just remove one plank from the middle.
- Before the install was done, I had already dropped a screwdriver and cut into a plank. The vinyl is durable and looks nice but cuts easily.
- The vinyl shrinks and expands TERRIBLY with temperature changes. In the RV, there are extremes of temperature and each cycle moves some of the joinings further apart. This is so bad that I've had to fill in gaps of up to 3/8 inch.
- I would not use the click-together kind again, but might try the glue-together kind. More likely, I will use these planks to make a pattern for some sort of laminate. Some day.
-I do like the idea of using products from chain stores, which will be available when and where I need them.
- It isn't easy working in that narrow aisle to make complex cuts and, good as the Barth interior work is, it is not perfect. This is a challenge because some planks have to be less than symmetrical.

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Very nice job Keith.

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I did similar flooring on Old Blue. When it got cold the area between the twin beds which is also where the rear axle was would separate about 1/16 to 1/8th of an inch. The floor had a hump over the axle. When it warmed up the gap closed up. I considered filling gap but decided when summer came & the floor expanded it might cause floor to buckle. My flooring was a sticky backing that each piece overlapped each other not a snap together. It was a floating floor.


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I used 1 x 2 ft vinyl for my aisle and kitchen. This type had an inch or so adhesive strip on two edges. Easy to install, I cut the pieces and pressed them into place. Used heavy roller over seams as instructions specified.

Spent much time getting it to look good. Seams were invisible, edges within 1 mm of wall.

This stuff is probably OK inside where temperatures do not vary a lot. In the coach, during the first winter, I had seams and gaps up to 1/8 wide. Might as well have installed it drunk, in the dark, in a half hour. They did not close up in the summer. So much for workmanship… head bang

If your coach sees temperature extremes, I would go with laminate or wood planks rather then any vinyl product.

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the thinking of chain store stuff is a nice idea but not so good in practice, the stuff they sell this month might be replaced later by some other pattern and your stuff will never be see again. Thats the way of commercializm these days
gotta keep telling the dumb ass sheep what they need to buy this week to keep up with the Jones. its a sad world out there, cheap overpriced crap people think they need to buy that doesnt last.
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