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Exhausting work under Barth
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Steve VW , You are almost 2,000 miles away from home , & still needed a FIX for that BARTH ADDICTION . ROTFLMAO At least your working in the shade . Cool Bob

Year:: 1986
Model:: Barth Regal
Length:: 25 ft
Engine:: New Chevy 454 HO
Chassis:: P-30
Data Tag Number:: 8606 3339 25FP2
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Did you ever do any differential work?
We found a leaky pinion best, your Barth is closer in production age as our '85 Regal.
Congrats to making it to FL and just traveling!!!!
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I have not worked on the differential yet, but I have replaced everything on the wheel end of the axle. Rotors, pads, calipers, brake lines all the way forward, bearings, seals, wheel balancers.

Since it is howling and leaking, I have plans to rebuild the diff soon: carrier bearings, pinion bearings, and ring and pinion gears. I will report back. Thumbs Up

Meanwhile, I finished (almost) the second exhaust system.

After installng hangers and mufflers, I installed the tail pipe. Stainless steel 90 bend and stainless tailpipe.

Finally, I got a piece of 2 1/2 pipe for the head pipe. Ran right from header flange back to front muffler.

I blocked off the old crossover pipe with a soup can for now. I'll cut it shorter when I get home.

I will replace the other side tailpipe with stainless soon. Mechanic

I report when I road test.

Have Barth, will travel Tooling Along

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