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Breakaway Wheels
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I replaced mine a few years ago. The part number is stamped on the wheels. I installed 2 hole buds. Accuride 32068 maybe now replaced with 29388. These wheels are still being used by the Freightliner MT-45. Have not checked to see if aluminum wheels available, but stainless liners are.

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I couldn't find any 19.5 wheels off the shelf to work with 245R7019.5 for the rear. I always wanted to get back to the same diameter as the original 8R19.5 tires. All wheels that were either steel or aluminum were 6 inch width and offset would not allow 245 only 225. 245 tires really need 7 or 7 1/2 inch wide rim.

I got a set of steel wheels 2 hole made by and were very well made. For the rear, the increase in unsprung weight would not be an issue.

As far as I know 19.5 Aluminum wheels with the 8.75 Budd bolt pattern are no longer made. All of the 6 bolt aluminum 19.5 wheels made now are a metric bolt pattern

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