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New coolant hoses
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Disaster was waiting!! This weekend I changed out all rubber hoses in the coolant system and found this.
Lower hose rubbing on transmission intercooler lines:

I also found a bubble in the lower hose that was ready to break thru:

The metal cross over pipe that connected to the lower radiator outlet and the lower hose had previous damage from the stainless steel air line that goes from the air pump to the dryer:

I cleaned off the damaged area and welded up the depression, after I painted the outside with corrosion resistant paint.

I replaced all heater hoses from the engine to the water heater and th dash HVAC. I used "green Stripe" hose which is much thicker then the stock hose and will last much longer.

New hoses clamps were used (solid band style) and hoses were carefully routed so that the hoses are protected where there would be any sharp edges or chance for damage. I was going to replace the thermostat but it didn't arrive in time so that will be done after the next trip.

I would encourage all owners to inspect/have inspected the coolant lines and of course replace them if they are over 10 years (as most Barths are now) or have over 100K miles. After seeing how carelessly the hoses were routed, dressed and damage that was done, I think it would be a good idea. I have had this policy for many years and have never had a cooling system hose failure on the road.

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Good catch - and better advice! I went through mine a month ago, and all is well, although the hoses on my 6.5L are much different than the Cummins'.

The better hoses are well worth the cost - which is why I didn't resent the $125 tab for the oil cooler hoses...fortunately, the prior owner of StaRV II replaced most of the hoses a couple of years ago.

I do carry sections of each hose and an assortment of appropriate hose barbs and clamps, just in case...

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