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TV Wiring diagram
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This project started because of the need to watch different channels on the tv's at the same time. Seems the other half isn't too interested in NASCAR or football games. There are three TV's and inputs from over the air antenna, cable vision, and satellite. We wanted any TV to be able to select any input and different channel than the other two. I almost made it. The only exception is the front TV and the outside TVd share the same Satellite Receiver so if they are both watching satellite it has to be the same channel.

One of the main considerations was that the only cable to both the rear and outside TV's only have a single coax cable to them, so all switching etc is done at the front of the coach.

I have attached a wiring diagram and will be happy to answer any questions it might bring up.

Wiring Diagram

Overhead compartment with controls, Satellite Receiver, and BluRay player

Front TV

Rear TV with satellite receiver and BluRay player

Outside TV

Hope this helps someone.

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