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Installing solar
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I just bought an 85 Regal. Our main projects are going to be replacing the carpet, maybe painting the walls, and hopefully some solar. However I cant find a link to anyone who has put solar into one of these. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Chelsea and Brian
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What your reason for wanting solar?

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I wrote some stuff in the tech forum. It is still listed.

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I've been thinking of putting a small solar panel on the roof just to keep the house batts up. If it's too much trouble to make a permanent installation I may find a way to do it just in the yard where it sits most of the time anyway. Please post any info or links on this subject.

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I installed 4 160 panels and a 2800 watt inverter about 3 years back. It was a little challenging - not the PV system so much as figuring out how to properly incorporate the inverter and just where to locate component. Had to do some surgery and come up with a couple custom cabinets. It works great and reduces generator dependency significantly. Plan to add a couple more panels next year.
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