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Finally got my headers.
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Suzie and I went over to RP's and picked up the headers that he had for our coach. Great to visit with Richard again but the trip across I 4 was horrible. Anyway, we got them home and I'm currently looking for someone to install them and fab up a complete dually with crossover 2 1/2" system with some mellow mufflers .

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When you install the headers do not install a crossover pipe. Doing that creates a path for the exhaust pressure wave to be reflected back into the header before the gasses can exit the system. When #1 fires in the right bank it has two cylinders fire before it has another event (#8 and #4 before #3). The length of the exhaust pipes and the distance from exhaust port to collector create a low pressure area at the outlet which evacuates the cylinder. If an immediate pressure wave is reflected back into the header it increases back pressure on the exhaust valve and defeats the whole process of helping the engine breathe. Normally the exhaust pipes are calculated to be of a precise length so the low pressure part of the wave is at the outlet. They would be of equal length and exit either on opposite sides of the vehicle or run parallel out the back. Exhaust system design is available on line or in racing manuals. It is not as simple as making pipes bigger. The exhaust pressure wave is much more important.

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Be sure to insulate and/or ventilate the starter from the exhaust heat. My '77 had headers and poor ventilation around the starter. I replaced a few starters before I smartened up by installing a heat shield and small electric fan.
I think this is addressed somewhere in one of the forums.

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That's one good looking set of headers. Looks like some modification and welding will be required to fit them. Do you weld or will you have them installed?

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Those look sweet Danny. I had those on the 86. Originally 2 into 1 exhaust driver side.

Later I ran dual exhaust, both sides had two open mufflers back to back. Ran better, sounded great. I did not bother with a cross over.

Some comments by Bill h too.

See here:

I later completed the other side so both were stainless from muffler back.

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I had Thorleys on Old Blue. I was going to wrap them with header wrap but Thorley said no, no. Would cause them to rust and void the warranty. The Thorleys plus Nology Hot Wires and plugs, plus a rebuilt quadrajet gave us 10+ mpg at a steady 60mph.

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Tri-Y's. Good choice.

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