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Windshield woes
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Finally got the new passenger glass installed. Drivers is old that that fit in perfectly. Had to make some adjustment toward the bottom corner metal for the passenger.
Not loving the install by the second glass company. They sealed all around the exterior perimeter where the rubber meets the body with a Dow sealant that they said they used for FBI and it was "ballistic".
Problem is there are gaps on the bottom corner where the glass goes into the rubber. I pointed out out to him and he squirted the sealant in a 4 in area. I let it cure and it sticks to the glass but not rubber. I am afraid water will leak right in again. Anyone seal where the glass goes into the rubber around the whole windshield? Is that a bad idea? Urethane rather than Dow stuff?
After $2500 spent on the glass issues I was hoping for reassurance and a decent job. :-( He didn't even keep the gasket straight across the top so it looks goofy. Minor but annoying
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Geez I would agree with you, for $2500 I should think you would get a superior job and the desire from them to make each customer want to give them a great recommendation. I hate to say this but I think you are being to easy on them!!

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Let me clarify.
$800 to fabricator to cut out rusted area above windshield, make new support and shelf, weld back into side pillars.:-)
$450 for new gasket after first glass guy($40) sliced the other one to pieces.
$700 for new passenger side glass delivered after second glass company put my old glass inside the vehicle with the curve side on the floor. I stepped on the edge and broke it! $312 to install both sides with new gasket I bought.
It's still overall a lot of money and I would like it done correctly after all this. I will call the owner and see if he can do better.
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