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So we don't have a name for our last (probably) Barth. For the time being, we'll call it (gender neutral) "Nameless". Our grandaughter, Julie, has been tasked with the job of coming up with a name and a drawing, so we'll see.
Tere has been busy.
1. Repair and pretty up the rear running lights.
2. Repair front right running light.
3. Remove coach and chassis batteries, scrap and ospho and
paint,battery compartments. Reinstall batteries on shock
absorbing mats.
4. Purchase and install new Inteli-Power 9200 converter.
Barth had mounted it in the generator compartment, not
the best place so we relocated it to curbside under
the couch just above the battery compartment. Painted
and carpeted the storage area where the converter is.
5. R/R a few plumbing lines in bath.
6. Worked long and hard on the generator but it sort of
broke and we will be replacing with an Onan 4000 when we
have the money.

Still in process, cleaning hot water heater with vinegar, r/r windshield wiper motors, r/r dash hvac blower motor, replace city water attachment, replace shock absorbers. I'll try to sneak a few small pics in.
Jim (aka Humbo)

Jim and TereJim and Tere

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Ya'll have been busy Mechanic . I bet it is gonna be really nice . Thumbs Up

Soon it will be Happy Motoring Tooling Along

Sam is 12 year old Miniature Schnauzer

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