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How to make a 15 minute job last all weekend.
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The light over my Airstreams entry door didn't work since I got it. I took the cover off and found out that the entire fixture had rotted away. There wasn't eve a bulb in it. No problem, I went to AZ and got a new fixture. I installed it and put everything togather. The light didn't work. Neither did anything else now.I had no 12 volt power to anything on the front of the trailer. I went and got some fuses (the old tube type) and replaced all the fuses. Still nothing. I went to the fuse box again and checked. All the fuses were good. I finally decided to check all the wiring that was visible. I didn't have to go far. At the junction block I noticed the wires had a green corrosion on the visible area. I tightend down the screws and everything worked - except the original light. I buttoned up everything and decided to watch football. Next weekend I'll see if I can't cut the wires back and put some compound on them before reinstalling in the junction blocks.

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There ya go Doug! No reason to rush things too much as that Airstream has been patient since 1972! Football first, thats what I always say! Smiler I will say, it is truly amazing to me that these aluminum trailers protect wires so well. At the Milford GTG I had the chance to poke around StinkyDaddys ride and he said he was a little antimidated to plug it in at first and I can't blame him. Bill NY aparantly did the honors and they were pleasantly surprised to find that most everything worked. After all those years! My father used to park his mid 80's Pace Aarow on a slab in Roseville, Mi. and he says he never got thru a year without mice chewing on the wires. (maybe they mixed sugar in the casing for guaranteed warenty work mechanic)
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